Registering Your ClubRunner Account

  1. Visit Login: Visit the ClubRunner login page
  2. New User: At the bottom of the login screen, click on New User
  3. Register: Enter your Last Name and your Email Address (the email address must be the same as you entered on your Membership Proposal form).
  4. Set Password: check your email to find your ClubRunner login message. Click on the Reset Password Link.
    • Write down your Username (will be in the format of Firstname.Surname.14955 (14955 is the City Rotary club number).
    • Enter your preferred Password and confirm it.

Note: The reset email is only valid for 24 hours.

Use ClubRunner App (phone/tablet)

  1. App Store: Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play and download the ClubRunner app
  2. Login: to the app with your Username and Password

The Home page has information about our Club (City Rotary). The MEMBER key at bottom left will give you contact details for all members of City Rotary.

The three horizontal bars at top left of the Home page will allow you to access to a lot of other information about our rotary District (9455) and all other Clubs in our District.

This information includes:

  • Contact details (phone and emails) for all Club members and Club and District executives in D9455
  • Meeting details for all Clubs
  • Club and District Events
  • Links to the District 9455 and Club websites

Tip: The Clubrunner App is sometimes slow – if so use the REFRESH button at the top right corner.

Use ClubRunner Web (browser)

  1. Visit Login: Visit the ClubRunner login page
  2. Login: using your Username and Password

There are many files available to be viewed. Please go into your “Personal” area and check that all details are correct. The phone number format is not strictly correct but we need to stick with it. Please add your photo by clicking on “Update”. And for those with previous Rotary experience please add these details.

Tip: check out the View Club Documents link

Help and Assistance

Please call Colin Thorniley 0418 500 179