Events - Spread The Word

Club members are invited to buy tickets to events, and also to spread the word about our upcoming events. You can use these graphics to share on your social media.

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Do you know of someone who would be a great speaker for a City Rotary Breakfast? Let us know about them.

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Financial City Rotary members can use Rotary's ClubRunner system to:

  • use the ClubRunner app on your phone/tablet for an up to date list of all City Rotary member names, emails and phone numbers
  • send an email to a group of City Rotary members (can be used when necessary, keeping in mind members get regular newsletters from City Rotary and District)

Instructions: Step-by-step instructions to register for and use ClubRunner >

Visit: ClubRunner Login >

Get Assistance: Email Colin Thorniley >

Member Listing on Website

Financial club members are encouraged to provide a head and shoulders photo and a short bio to be included on the 'People' section on our website.

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Member Business Directory

Financial club members with an associated business are able to provide a short summary of their business for inclusion on the City Rotary Associated Businesses Directory.

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