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This is a summary of all of current opportunities to get involved in our projects and club management.

Project Support Task
Eating Disorder Carers Eating disorder research View >
Bins4Blokes Register as a BINS4Blokes Supporter View >
Bins4Blokes Spread the word about BINS4Blokes View >
Bins4Blokes Get BINS4Blokes incontinence bins in your public or staff toilets View >
Bins4Blokes Nominate where you would like BINS4Blokes installed View >
Emplace Personal Networks View >
My Home Linking to Personal/Business Networks View >
Refugee & Asylum Seeker Support Links to Employers View >
Refugee & Asylum Seeker Support Volunteer Roles View >
Phones For Vulnerable Communities Collect and donate working phones View >
City Rotary Suggest a Project View >
City Rotary City Rotary Projects Meeting View >

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