Helping MercyCare Multicultural Services find Employment Opportunities

City Rotary received some wonderful feedback from MercyCare:

MercyCare Logo“We are so grateful to the wonderful people at City Rotary Club for their support in helping MercyCare’s Multicultural Services team find employment opportunities for refugee and asylum seeker clients.

For the past 18 months, the Rotarians have drawn on their networks and professional connections to develop mutually beneficial relationships with businesses, such as Brightwater Group, where 27 clients have now been employed at their linen services facility in Malaga.

As well as helping to source job opportunities, the Rotarians have generously shared their own skills and experience with our clients, delivering practical workshops to develop skills for applying for jobs including resume and interview techniques, as well as networking and social media for jobs. In addition, Rotarians have generously offered their time for one-on-one mentoring sessions supporting professionals seeking to enter the workforce in roles aligned to their professional backgrounds.

Watching the Rotarians opening their hearts to our refugee and asylum seeker clients has been an uplifting experience, and we look forward to our continued partnership to create more opportunities for our refugee and asylum seeker clients.”