Refugee & Asylum Seeker Employment

Employment opportunities for refugees and asylum seekers

City Rotary is working with CARAD (Centre for Asylum Seekers, Refugees and Detainees) and MercyCare to increase employment opportunities for refugees and asylum seekers and reduce the time to achieve financial independence, with a focus on micro enterprise, social enterprise and developing relationships with employers.  A number of initiatives are underway including research and employment readiness workshops.

In addition, as part of our partnership with CARAD, Rotary is also providing in-depth IT support, including defining IT requirements, assisting with a successful Lotterywest grant and program managing implementation.

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Attribution: Image courtesy of CARAD.

This project is very active, and we have a range of opportunities for City Rotary members to get involved.

Opportunities to Get Involved

Links to Employers

We are looking for links to employers who might provide work experience and employment for refugees and asylum seekers, supported by CARAD and MercyCare, and based on the successful program with the Hyatt.

Contact: Peter James or Nadine Rabu

Volunteer Roles

We are looking for volunteers to help refugees and asylum seekers with:

  • Supervised driving hours in order to get a driver’s licence, managed via MercyCare’s RYDE program (dual control car).
  • One-on-one career mentoring.
  • Micro enterprise initiatives. (Linking to the Small Business Development Corporation)


Contact: Peter James

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